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The Illinois District of The Wesleyan Church is a collection of Wesleyan Churches scattered throughout the State of Illinois whose purpose is to be Jesus and bring Jesus to the communities of which they are a part.  

We invite you to take a moment to explore our website. You will find more detailed information on our history, churches, camping programs, educational institutions, denomination, and other links that will help you better understand the mission and ministry of The Illinois District and The Wesleyan Church.

On any given weekend, 1000's of people gather in Illinois District Wesleyan churches to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. There are currently a total of 21 churches along with 3 satellite campuses across the District. They range in attendance from the teens to over 3000. The history of our district dates back to 1888. Illinois Wesleyans are still taking the Good News of the Gospel to villages, towns, and cities within our district borders, and beyond. Pastors, missionaries, educators, administrators, and dedicated lay people serve in God's Kingdom around the world, yet trace their spiritual roots back to this district.